Even More! Experiments in Sleep Deprivation (czarrie) wrote in van_on_fire,
Even More! Experiments in Sleep Deprivation

An Ode To Waterman's Breasts

Note - This will be the first in a series of analyses of Rachelle Waterman's breasts

The Holy Grail of this community, Rachelle Waterman's Breasts, are a hidden gem that we have nary a clue to. We do have the photo album - for that, at least, I am thankful. Let's start by analyzing the two best shots on there:

From this, we can assume one thing: she is not flat-chested in the least. However, to what degree is what we're after. Let us first compare the two extremes:

A clue the second one lends is that even while wearing a sweater and standing up, indents are still noticeable - a clue that she is, indeed, endowed to a certain extent. But we need something more precise - something that shows the depth of the cleavage, and the depth of the bra, so we can calculate the breast size.

The above doesn't seem to be much, but you can make out both a bra outline on her right breast, and light traversing through the cloth and reflecting off of the skin at the top of her cleavage, giving us something to work with in the next installment.
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