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Welcome to the Unofficial Rachelle Waterman Fan Community Thingy, aptly (but jestly) titled "Van On Fire". Before I start this thing up, considering the situation and all, I figure it'd be best to knock off a few public questions and such.

Who is Rachelle Waterman?

Rachelle Waterman (also known by her handle, smchyrocky) is an attractive Alaskan-born native who just happens to have been charged with the murder of her mother, who was killed with a blunt object and then burned to then ground in a minivan (thus the name).

Er...and what is Van on Fire?

We're here to idolize Rachelle, regardless of what she did, how she did it, or if she ends up in prison or not.

Why? Are you sick or something?

Not in the least. This has less to do with morals and ethics and more to do with wanting to get it on with a redhead from Alaska with a taste for the unique.

That's just disgusting.

Context. It's all about context. A solider kills twenty people, he's a hero. A teenage girl kills one person, she's violent and insane. My point is - we're all a bit fucked-up on the inside. Best we all make an outlet somehow that doesn't involve invading a country.

I'm reporting you to the Abuse Team!

If girlkilledmom can have a community, why can't we? We're not saying "Kill Your Parents", we're saying we want to see Rachelle's sweet Alaskan body in some shape or another

Have you seen...

...The photo album? Yes, that's where the community icon got it's source image before retouching.

"Retouching", eh? So she's ugly.

Yes, I would spend valuable time creating a community to have someone I thought was ugly expose herself to us online. Think about it.

But she is ugly!

No, you're ugly!

So, how do I join?

Membership and Posting is open, so just go to the Community Info page, and click away.

What exactly is posted here?

Anything really that relates to Waterman - news, pics, fan art, fan fics, and other assorted items like that. However, I draw the line at coloring books. Some things just aren't meant to be.

What about you? Can I become your friend? And why the obsession, personally?

If you want. I'm no one special, and this community only serves as a tiny, microscopic hobby. I don't think about Rachelle Waterman when I'm dreaming or doing my usual routine, if that's what you mean.

What about weise? Why not idolize him?

He's kinda dead, so except for the necrophiliacs in the audience, not a lot we can do with that. Besides, he was a bit of a prick. Pretty cool dude, but should have realized pot goes straight to the brain. Stick with cigarettes and LSD, folks.

So...erm...what's the goal here?

To get Rachelle to either comment, post, or flash us. We aren't complex people, and this community should reflect that.

You're all going straight to Hell!!

God I hope so.